The health and safety of our patients, staff and visitors to WelwynGarden Osteopaths is essential.   After July 19th 2021, we will continue to follow Public Health England, our Regulatory General Osteopathic Council and our Institute of Osteopathy guidelines to maintain all necessary adaptations to ensure as safe an environment as possible.

What yourOsteopaths are doing

We are taking the following measures to protect all those visiting the clinic:

  1. Screening all patients at the point of booking in line with Government guidelines

  2. Providing information via email before a visit, regarding the new protocols

  3. Screening all patients, staff and visitors upon arrival into the clinic

  4. Offering virtual telehealth consultations as a first stage consultation process or for the vulnerable

  5. Altered the osteopath rotas and appointment availability to allow for full sanitisation and to limit cross contamination

  6. Providing sanitiser, masks and foot covers for patient use if necessary

  7. Continuing to provide disposable single use paper gowns for Patient modesty, if required

  8. All osteopaths will use PPE and have been trained in the correct donning, doffing and disposal

  9. Increasing the frequency and thoroughness of cleaning before and after every patient visit: full sanitisation of public areas after every patient visit

What we ask you to do

  1. Hydrate, Sleep well, Stay Well!

  2. If you, someone you live with (or had contact with) have any of the following symptoms;  Please do not come to the practice. Self-Isolate.  • A fever/temperature – over 37.8°     • A new, persistent cough    • Difficulty in breathing    • Loss of taste or smell    • Flu like symptoms     

  3. Update your details and consents via our online forms, sent by email on booking your appointment and complete and sign our COVID19 screening questions sent via text,  the day before your appointment.

  4. Avoid bringing along visitors/family members to your appointment. Please be aware that we will not be able to provide chaperones.  If this is a concern, please notify us BEFORE your appointment .However, minors must still be accompanied by a legal guardian

  5. Carry tissues with you and use them to catch all coughs and sneezes, bin the tissue and then wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser to eliminate germs

On arrival

  1. Wait in your car or well back from the front door until yourOsteopath is ready to see you.  We will collect you at your appointment time, so we suggest that you don’t arrive too early

  2. Leave bags in the car, if possible.

  3. Wash or sanitise your hands immediately upon entering the practice.

  4. Wear a face mask, unless exempted.

  5. Use contactless card or BACS transfer where possible

  6. Sanitise your hands before leaving

            Thank you for your understanding and support